“Year 8 camp was the last excursion of the Four Seasons Program; this program prepares us our seven-day camp in Year 9. I was placed with an awesome group who made the experience really fun. If it wasn’t James’ great puns cheering us up, it was our fantastic group leaders, Myka and Mr Cooper, making this a once in a lifetime experience.”
Ty Renshaw (8 Ledda)

“Year 8 camp was a trip to remember. There were so many different things we learnt and did like learning how to pitch a tent and how to cook on a trangia stove. We also learnt all the different aspects and factors of teamwork. My camp group was great to work with and I really thank them for making it a good time.”
Zach Carlin (8 Ledda)

“Camp was great. The experience was fantastic and I would go again if I could. Walking, talking and bonding with the rest of my Homeroom was a lot of fun. All the personalities that I didn’t know existed suddenly came into light and I was enthused about the new friends I had made.”
Noah Kondis (8 O’Mara)

“Camp was a fun but also challenging expedition for the whole group. We were given physical and mental tasks and were pushed beyond what some thought were their limits. I think I have a stronger bond with my classmates and learnt some things I would have otherwise not known about the people around me. It was a great and fulfilling experience.”
Mack Hewitt (8 O’Mara)

Mr James Love
Year 8 Curriculum Leader