The St Joseph’s College song contains the line Excellence in everything we do, inspired by Don Bosco’s description of his pupil Michael Magone’s personal pursuit of excellence. It is an apt line to have in our song, as all St Joseph’s students are encouraged to achieve excellence, but also, and far more importantly, pursue excellence. It is in the pursuit of excellence that we see our own selves unveiled to us, reminding us of the potential that each of us carries nestled within us. It is for this reason that excellence is encouraged, nurtured and celebrated at St Joseph’s College: for what it teaches us about ourselves more than for what it gives us.

Students of St Joseph’s College have demonstrated excellence in a number of fields recently. The Year 12 students of 2016 received their results late last year and their tertiary offers this January. What was evident was that these young men achieved excellence enough to find themselves in institutions as diverse as The University of Melbourne and Longerenong Agricultural College, in courses ranging from Engineering to Culinary Management, ready to pursue excellence in the next phase of their lives. Others from that group secured prized apprenticeships in their industry of choice where their next pursuit similarly begins.

Josh-Begley_webimageExcellence was also pursued in the sporting arena with many of our students achieving notable performances in their chosen sports. Perhaps most notably, Year 12 2016 student Josh Begley achieved success in the AFL National Draft, being selected at Pick 31 by the Essendon Football Club. While not all of us will be cheering on his team, we will be wishing Josh the best for stellar individual performances as he too pursues excellence.

Brendan-Hartnett_webimageAnother member of the Class of 2016, Brendan Hartnett continues to pursue excellence, this time in the Arts. Having been accepted into the prestigious Visual Arts course at The University of Melbourne, the work Brendan produced as part of his VCE studies is being included in the annual Top Arts 2017 NGV Festival.

Also in the arts, Year 11 student Willow Stephenson has been pursuing excellence in photography. Already a photographer of note, Willow’s work has recently been used as part of the College’s marketing campaign, his images featuring on billboards and marketing across the east and in the upcoming St Joseph’s College 2017 calendar. Willow’s work shows a mature composition and a striking sense of light and colour.


As Don Bosco wrote about his pupil Michael Magone, it was the boy’s desire for excellence rather than the achievement of excellence itself that made all the difference. In pursuing excellence, young people find not only what they are seeking, but also a pleasant surprise: they find themselves.


Mr Guido Piotti
Deputy Principal – Students