The 2016 Chieri Book Trailer Competition

The Chieri Book Trailer Competition invites boys to make a short movie (trailer) to highlight the features of their favourite book. There are no hard and fast rules and it has been a real pleasure to watch this competition grow over the last three years. This year saw more entries than ever before but, more importantly, the quality of the trailers was extraordinary, making it very difficult for the judges. While we offered a class prize this year, there were not enough entries from any one class to award this (there’s always next year!). Prizes go to:

Judged Best Trailer
 – Where’s Wally by Patrick Marrinan (Year 10)

Clifford the Big Red Dog by Jarrek Montenegro & Connor Quinn (Year 11)

Black Snake by Deacon Kimmet (Year 7)


The Year 7 Reading Challenge

During 2015, Year 7 read. And READ. The total for this year’s reading challenge was a whopping 3177 books (six magazines, 3 comics & 1 road sign!)

Congratulations to everyone involved, it was certainly an AWESOME effort. It was wonderful seeing how Year 7 boys made use of Chieri as a comfortable space to read and all the Chieri staff enjoyed chatting to the Year 7 boys to find out about the books they were reading.

There was one class that read more books than any other, and – yes – they were awarded a pizza lunch as a prize for their efforts (reading exercises the brain but pizza fills the stomach!). The class was 7 EDWARDS – congratulations to these boys for their efforts.


Dale Sheppard, Teaching & Learning Coordinator – Literacy, Languages & Social Science