Our Years 7s have begun this year with lots of enthusiasm and anticipation. They have enjoyed their first experiences of our College, willingly taking up the new challenges and making the most of the different opportunities available at a secondary school. The Camp at Dromana was a highlight with all the fun they had at the beach and all the new friends they made, adding to the excitement of the start of their journey at our school.

Here are some of the boys’ opinions:
“There are so many friendly teachers. And I love that if you get something wrong, nobody judges you.”
Tom Grants (7 Ledda)
“I have really enjoyed the classes so far. I am looking forward to inter-school sports and later on, Valdocco.”
Adrian Feleppa (7 Ledda)
“I am really happy being with some friends in my homeroom.”
Liam Breen (7 Edwards)
“It’s a great environment to learn in. I like the new systems and new ways of learning.”
Perrin Dedhia (7 Edwards)
“I am looking forward to the sport and woodwork programs.”
Jamie Costello (7 Ledda)
“It’s a good school here. We get to choose our instrument in music. I am interested in the violin.”
Tait Freemann (7 Edwards)

Mrs Trina May
Head of Junior School