What can I be involved in?
Please join us at the next rehearsal.

Weekly Music Schedule
Junior Band – Miss Dean
– Lunch Time
– Small Rock Band

Assembly Band – Miss Dean
– Lunch Time
– Small orchestra that plays at College Assemblies

Stage Band – Run by the Trumpet Teacher Miss Trea Hindley
– Time: 8:30am – 10am

Small Group Ensembles – Lunch Time
– Violin Ensemble – Run by the Violin Teacher Miss Claire Ransome
– Guitar Ensemble – Run by the Guitar Teacher Mr Giles Warren

Student run ensembles:
– Clarinet Group – Run by Jamieson Doyle and Ben Harris (Year 10)
– Trumpet Ensemble – Run by Luke Morton (Year 11)
– Flute Ensemble – Run by Dylan Richards (Year 11)

Singers Group – Miss Dean
– Lunch Time
– A singing group focused on contemporary and musical theatre

Rock Band – Miss Maclure
– Whether you are a singer, drummer, guitarist, bass player, pianist
or play another instrument, come into the Music room and rock out
with us on Fridays!

Miss Bronwyn Dean
Music Convenor